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JP with a Phat Bow Lucy daydreaming while dad is fishing
Sucker kissing another sucker Carp fishing with Jason  
FULL NAME: Jason Phillips

J.P, T.P. , J.P.Z

PREFERS TO GO BY: Jason or , "Hey Guide"
BIRTHPLACE: Franktown, Colorado
FAMILY? Wife -Nomi, Kids - Lucianna (5)  Luke (2), Mom and three brothers all in Colorado.  Jorge and Elsa (wife's parents from Peru, living with us)
STARTED FLYFISHING: 1982 I was eight, close to Manassa, Colorado - Beaver Ponds: Caddis and Brookies
FLYFISHING MENTOR(S): Dad, Gil Finn, Roaring Fork Valley peers
FAVORITE PLACE(S) TO FISH: Rivers, streams, Lakes, Oceans, Flats, Seas, Oxbow Lakes, Ponds, oh did you mean spcific locations?

Patriot, Ginger variant, Girdle Bug, Egg sucking leech (dark), Silly Legs, Gotcha's

OTHER HOBBIES: Skiing, Biking, BackPacking, Traveling, Photography,
FAVORITE MOVIE(S): The Sacketts, GodFather, CaddyShack, you get it…..
FAVORITE FOOD(S): Fish! Sushi, Salt Water, Salmon, Ceviche, - truly all food
FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM(S): Nuggetts, Broncs, Avs - A good game of anything
FAVORITE BAND OR MUSIC: All the Classics, wide ranges of genres
FAVORITE QUOTE, ADVICE OR EXCUSE: Enjoy each moment, live life without regret!
Best Fortune Cookie "Let your line be always cast.  In the pool where you least expect it, will be fish..."

Globetrotter Adventures - read more about JP flyfishing and his Peruvian Travel Adventures. Check out his blog at Globetrotter Adventures also.

JP's Professional Window Cleaning -

JP when he was young - He still wears his pants the same wayBarracuda - isn't there a song about these guys

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