Roaring Fork Anglers and Alpine Anglers, Four Great Rivers, Two Great Flyshops

Colorado Fly Fishing Guide Profiles

Here’s an inside look at many of our Colorado flyfishing guides and ‘mostly friendly’ but very knowledgeable shop staff. We have all the fly fishing gear at either our Glenwood Springs Fly Shop - Roaring Fork Anglers or our Carbondale Fly Shop - Alpine Angling. You can contact either fly shop to get current information about the 'Big 4' rivers in the Roaring Fork Valley or to book a guided flyfishing trip


Fly Fishing Shop Staff

Jeff Dysart | Tom Trowbridge | Tony Fotopulos | Craig Davis

In Memorium : Steve DiCampo


Colorado Fly Fishing Guides

Tony Fotopulos | Bruce Stolbach | Marc Bassett | Coleman Walker | Ivan Perrin
Luby Lubrant | Travis Kaiser | Greg DeJulio | Josh Lively | Mal Burks


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