Fly Fishing Report

Our fly fishing report is for the 4 Main Rivers in the Roaring Fork Valley, the Roaring Fork River, Frying Pan River, Colorado River and the Crystal River. The fishing report is updated regularly so check back often for current information. If you have any questions or contact us for the most current conditions and fly fishing report. We also have a hatch chart available for general bug hatch information.

Frying Pan River Fishing Report Frying Pan River Flows

Its spring on the Frying Pan River, and flows are up a bit current flows. Conditions are generally excellent and the river is not to pushy. Midges and Blue Winged Olives are active with dry fly action available mid day. Midges are beginning to hatch around mid-morning, and BWOs are hatching just after lunch. Before or after that nymphing is the way to go. Make sure your flies are getting down to where the fish are.
Dries:  Sprout Beatis 18-20, Palm’s Special Emerger 18-20,Compara Dun 18-20, Para Adams 16-24, Morgans Para Midge 20-22, Trailing Shuck Midge 20-22, Midge Cluster (or Griffiths Gnat) 18 – 22, Spent or Sprout Midge 20-22
Mysis (Toilet Bowl to Baetis Bridge): Charlie’s Mysis, Ultra Mysis, Mayer’s Mysis, Solitude Mysis
N ymphs: Pheasant Tail 18-22, Ju-Ju-baetis 18-20, RS2 18-22 all colors, 20-22 Bling Midge, Roy’s Biot Midge emerger 20-22, Top Secret Midge 20-22, 18-20 Ju-Ju BWO, Candy Cane 18 -20, JuJu Bee 18-20, Zebra Midge 16-20, Brassie 16-20, Mayhem 18-20, Buckskin 18, Egg
Streamers: Sculpin, Zonkers, Splendors
Call us for the most current conditions.

Roaring Fork River Fishing Report  Roaring Fork Flows UpperMiddleLower.

The bugs happy! When the bugs are happy, the fish are happy. Midges and BWOs are hatching, and the fish are eating them. There has been a bit of color below Crystal River, but it has not effected the fishing yet. Fish are spreading out, and are now in fast pocket water, runs and deep pools. Be mobile and go look for active fish.  Nymphing and Dry Dropper rigs have generally has been most successful but we have had some excellent dry fly days too.  Streamers have been producing some action.
We check the river daily. Call us for the most current conditions.
Dries: 16-20 Adams, Para Adams, para olive Gulper, Extendend body BWO 18-20 Hi-vis BDE 18-20. 20 Spent Midge, Morgans Para Midge.
Nymphs: 18-20 mayhem,18-20 Magnymphico, 18-20 Mighty May 18-22 RS2, PTs of all sorts, Prince, Pats, FFKA, Copper Johns, Eggs, GB Epoxy Stone 8-12, Pats Rubber Legs 8-12
Streamers: Light colors seem to be producing the best.

Crystal River Fishing Report

The Crystal is in spring mode at the moment, and has some color in it. Larger attractor style nymphs followed by Zebras and eggs have been popular

Call us for the most current conditions or stop by to find out more before wading.


Nymphs: 12-14 BHPrince, 12-18 Copper John in all colors, 20 incher, 16-20 red and black zebra.

Colorado River Fishing Report Colorado River Flows

Flows are rising slowly, and bugs are active. Midges, BWOs, the odd March Brown, and a few of the early Caddis(small and dark) are hatching.  Nymphing, dries and streamers have all been effective. Color is ranging from clear to green. Mid morning through evening is prime time. Fish deep in the morning and shallower and faster water in the afternoon.
We try and check the river daily. Call us for current conditions before you come up.
Dries: 18 Midge cluster, 18-20 Roy’s special emerger, 20 Morgans para midge, 18-20 Extended body BWO, 18-20 Slate and Olive Thorax.
Nymphs:10-14 Prince, 8-12 Pats, 12-14 FFKA, Copper Johns, Eggs, 8-10 GB Epoxy Stone, 16-18 Tung Biot Midge, 16-20 Brassie, 16-18 hausenator. 18-20 BH Pheasant tail, 18-20 Bubble Back BWO
Streamers: Big and light!